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After reading through emails and messages from mostly women I find that they all have one question in common,

The chat room had wins all week!

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Trade Ideas - Watch List

IPO’s listed on for week ending 4/17/2015

More often than not we tend to stop at failure

Take a look at this beauty… CVEO.

Week after week, Stock Trade Ideas is finding trade ideas for every trading style.

The stock market gave our moderators plenty of trading ideas last week

You can be a part of the profit at!

You can be a part of the profit at!

The chat room called the Z resume ahead of 9:55 am live and nailed the bounce play perfectly.

We invite you to the chat room where watch lists and trade ideas are alerted live!

We invite you to the chat room

Moderator, Carolyn Hardy kept the market and economic climate ahead of her alerts this week.

Earnings Galore!

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