If we all had this magic lamp and for everything you ever wanted all you had to do was ask for it and it would appear.  How corrupt and crazy do you think this world would be? I'd say pretty crazy. I honestly believe anything you work hard for is worth keeping but have you noticed you can never hold on to anything that came super easy? That brings me to the title of this article. Are you really ready for it?

Not very long ago I was having a conversation with a friend about love, money and a career. She was confused as to why she couldn't reach her maximum potential in those areas. As it pertains to love why is it so hard to find a man or woman who is respectful, honest, loyal, trustworthy, hardworking, loving and self-motivated? Take a long look at yourself. Do you possess these same qualities and have you really fallen in love with who you are? If no then how do you expect to attract this. Think of it like a boomerang. What you toss out there comes back. So examine yourself compared to what you're attracting. Fall in love with you first. You need to be everything you want in a man or woman before you can attract those qualities. How fair is it to ask for something you yourself can't reciprocate.
When it comes to money obviously if you work hard for it then it's provided to you but the complex question of the day is how do you get a lot of money? My secret to money is basically ditch the broke mentality, ditch broke thoughts, ditch broke habits, ditch broke activities, find inner happiness and peace and do exactly what you love to do. That simple recipe has afforded me the life that I want to live.
I can't seem to understand why we work jobs that are not necessarily in our career field. When you do what you love to do it is no longer a job and you never get tired of doing it. Why not find something that makes you happy. I can almost guarantee you that money comes from all different directions when you do what you love because you're willing to put a huge amount of effort into making it a success. So when we evaluate these 3 key areas... money, love and career are you really ready for it? The fact of the matter is that if you aren't no matter how much you want success in these areas you will never be able to hold on to success in these areas. When you are ready the teacher will appear... Buddha

Asheya Burton, Moderator