not realizing the name of our teacher is “Failure”.  Do you realize that you learn more through failure than you will ever learn through giving up?  Failure is not easy to swallow but it is our best teacher on what not to do. How do you know what not to do or what doesn’t work for you? You have to try 50 different ways and fail 50 different times to find 50 ways that won’t work or the one way that will. The key is to not give up during the process. Anybody that has ever achieved anything beyond their wildest dreams didn’t skip to success and it didn’t land in their lap. It takes multiple failures, hard work and a determination to succeed. Frankly, it’s quite painful at times but we’re tough and mentally capable of getting through it. I’ve probably failed in life at something 100 times but rest assured I got up 101 times and kept moving. I believe the difference between successful people and non-successful people is really their state of mind. It’s about telling yourself you can do it despite not seeing a way to do it or after you’ve failed at trying. How much embarrassment and humiliation can you take while your peers see you fail? Does it even matter? After all they’re spectators on the sidelines and their lack of confidence in you should be your motivation to keep the momentum going. So this week keep in mind, your downfalls do not define you, however giving up does. Note to self; you are allowed to fall, you are allowed to cry, you are allowed to fail but never are you allowed to quit.

Asheya Burton, Moderator