After reading through emails and messages from mostly women I find that they all have one question in common,


“How do you juggle being a single parent and trading on the stock market?” My answer is simply this...Discipline. Discipline to me is the will power to keep moving forward at times when you don’t feel like it. As a woman, I pride myself in learning to master my thoughts and emotions, which later I learned was very helpful as I blossomed into a full time trader. However, my greatest achievement has been self-discipline, which a lot of people lack and is sometimes the root to failure at anything.  When you think of that thing you want more than anything but you look at your current life’s circumstances, what is really holding you back from achievement? Not enough time? Not enough money? Or is it really YOU? The fact that we find so many excuses to NOT do something is the very same illusion and bad habit that holds us back because before we make an attempt to move forward you’ve already mentally talked your way out of it by convincing yourself with the power of illusion. When you really want something bad you find time, you find the money and with that being said you’ve already began to develop will power and self-discipline. It takes time to master thoughts over habits however the key is to not give up. You’ll appreciate the reward later. Sometimes it means to change your circle, or turn down parties but you have to start with at least 30 minutes of YOU time. Try it! Every day I would devote 30 minutes even if it was from my phone of research time to just read and google every question I had about stocks. 30 minutes turned into an hour, an hour turned into 5 hours and when I became hungry sometimes I would go all day just researching and developing myself as a trader. So to the women I say, declare that you want change and then everyday find a few minutes to research. Don’t think about it JUST DO IT! From now on focus on being the best “Goal Digger” that you are and let your success speak loud.

Asheya Burton, Moderator