Like CEMP, KRFT, AMRN, XCO, MDR, IDRA, just to name a few.   Moderator, Michael Gurtner alerted CRMD live in the chat room as a gap play at $9.68 and sold Wednesday at $10.21 for +.53! But why stop there?  He then alerted DYAX on Wednesday in premarket at $24.50 and exited at $25.83 for +1.33.  He had the room aware of the GDDY IPO from the previous week’s calendar and he traded it multiple times for a total gain of $1.28! On Thursday, he alerted LL at $33.83 and sold on ask at $34.83 for +1.00 within first 5 minutes of open!  Now that’s the way we do it at Stock Trade Ideas!  Come trade with us!