Stock Trade Ideas Business Manager and Moderator, Carolyn Hardy is a busy mother and professional that ensures Stock Trade Ideas is running smoothly for our subscribers, works a full-time Human Resources position and swing trades too!  After the tragic death of her husband in 2012, she learned to swing trade to ensure financial security for her family. For nearly two years she has been swing trading and now is educating and sharing swing trade ideas with our subscribers too.  She identifies stocks that are oversold and primed for a reversal like ZNGA, which she alerted at $2.29 in chat on 2/17/15.  She focuses on 3-5 weekly swing trade ideas that are mid to small market cap stocks, priced under $5, with low RSI and technical chart set-ups that have a nice risk vs. reward for subscribers. She shares technical chart reviews on portfolio positions and teaching moments during “lunch and learn” sessions.  Review the ZNGA blog post here

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