Goal setting, preparation, trading plan, laser focus… what do all of these have in common?


That’s easy….it’s moderator, Michael Gurtner!  He said, “I set a daily goal of $1000 by end of day and $5000 by end of week. I am in chat between 8:30am-8:45am each day and start trading stocks affected by news and momentum.”  Last week Michael hit his daily goal on Monday, 2/23/2015 and Tuesday, 2/24/2015 during pre-market by day trading ZIOP, BIOC and RIGL. On Thursday, 2/26/2015, the big winner was ATOS on news and he hit his daily goal on one trade that he bought and sold within 10 minutes of market open. Michael is a solid performer and he ended the week making just over $6000 and exceeded his weekly goal.  Do you want to learn, watch key trade performance and build your wealth?  Then come trade with Michael and our team!  The chat room is delivering every week, our subscribers are learning and trading great, so don’t miss out and join us today!