Moderator, Carolyn Hardy alerted the following swing trades: SAND, BEBE, OCLR, IO, EXK and CMLS. 


Every alert made $$$ but the stock highlight of the week was alerted on 2/26/15 in the chat room on CMLS at $3.85, which hit $4.11 on 2/27/15, with room yet for more!  By Friday afternoon, OCLR and BEBE were also hitting new high of day price action!  This week’s performance makes three consecutive weeks of BIG gains on swing trades for our subscribers! We concentrate on a 1-4 day hold while keeping the working professional and part-time traders in mind by providing an advance notice of entry range, performance touch bases, and wide exit range where all subscribers could make $$$!

We’re working hard to identify the trade plan and then we trade the plan!