What is stock trade ideas?

Stock Trade Ideas is a community of transparent day-traders of all skill levels, novice to professional, who are here to gain insightful trade ideas. We concentrate on many aspects of trading such as Opening trade Ideas, Mid-day trade Ideas, Gap trade Ideas, Swing trade Ideas and more.  We collaborate together to brainstorm, share breaking news, and educate each other. Learning how to trade happens one trade idea at a time.

Stock Trade Ideas is a premium, members-only chat room where our moderators, seasoned traders, and novices alike can communicate in real time. Moderators offer their knowledge of the markets, identify patterns and look for profitable trades. The moderators pass along what they are doing in real time. Moderators run desktop apps which allow you to see their desktops right inside our chat room. You can see what they are seeing. You get to watch the software they use, and over time, you will develop the skills needed to identify the triggers they use to know when to get into a position, and most importantly when to get out.