Welcome to Stock Trade Ideas! Here’s what a day can entail:

Stock Trade Ideas Alerted!

Daily we work to identify and alert trade ideas.  We appreciate our members and we take what we do seriously. 

Day Trade Ideas

These alerts are chat based only and are built with experienced day traders in mind.  With this service the goal is to be all cash by day's end while maintaining your individual profit goal daily. We trade primarily small caps, but will seek other alert ideas as they develop. We make as many trades per day as the market allows. All live alerts, entries and exits are posted in chat,  which makes it easy to follow along. This service is not recommended for beginners. 

Opening Trade  Ideas

These trades will be alerted in chat between 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. EST. Come to the room with a goal in mind that best fits your portfolio size, hit your goal, and close up shop to prevent making costly mistakes by over trading.  Our goal is to make $500 profit in the first 90 minutes of the market each day. 

Mid-Day Trade Ideas

These trades will alert trades based on catalysts, news, volume and momentum. Don't blink, these trades happen fast! 

Swing Trade Ideas

Alerts designed for traders who prefer to hold their trades 1-4 days.  The goal is to pay yourself, so set profit targets and don't let greed cloud your judgment.  

Gap Trade Ideas

These alerts occur between 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST. These gap ideas only get alerted in chat since they’re often more volatile.
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